“In spring 2006, my daughter Jessica graduates as a nurse and buys her first uniforms at a local shop. After a day at work, back from the hospital, I see that she still wears her uniform, as do all employees for lack of changing room in hospitals.” says François Simard, founder of Protec-Style. It was during this time that the bacteria C.difficile and the H1N1 virus were making the news.

I had to do something to prevent the nursing staff’s uniforms from becoming infected propagation vectors. Simard therefore undertakes a project to resolve the issue. Antimicrobial treatments for textiles already existed, but it was difficult to find on the market antimicrobial clothing. Even more difficult was to find clothing that would be effective against a wide range of pathogens and also laundry resistant.

Determined to ensure better protection in the workplace for Jessica, her father  creates a fabric providing active protection against both viruses and bacteria, and especially, resistant to washing.

The challenge was met, but more had to be done. The decision to add style to technology led to a collaboration with Jean-Claude Poitras, a renowned Canadian designer.

From this endeavour was born Protec-Style in 2008, a company dedicated to creating innovative textile products for improved life quality, always with the concern to incorporate style to protection.


Since 2010, creation efforts are dedicated to the development of technologies mainly with natural fibres for all industrial sectors.

« Silk of America » is the first agro-industrial sector resulting from the company’s activities. Three others are on the drawing board for the years to come.

The mission:

Combining textile science to the strength of agriculture to promote product development for a better management of the planet’s resources.

Awards and distinctions

Accomplishment of the year 2013: Government of Québec

Green Chemistry Award 2013: Biomaterial Valourization Council

One of the 10 best innovations of the year 2009: Journal Les Affaires

Quebec  Entrepreneurship Contest 2009:

First National Price, category Technological Innovation (Rogers)

Price Research & Development  (Ingénio)

Price Marketing Strategy  (Léger Marketing)