Combining textile science to the strength of agriculture to promote product development for a better optimization of the planet’s resources.

Sustainable development

Innovation and ecology are inseparable for all our achievements. Furthermore, the continuous societal component of our activities is in itself an innovation. Our involvement in education and culture already sets us apart from other companies our size.

Closely linked to agriculture

Our objectives and the means deployed to achieve them pave the way for a new economic model in Canada leading to harmonious economical growth.

Our approach is to develop a local agricultural raw material supply, mainly from marginal lands, to make a first transformation in proximity of the farmers and to further transform it in strategic locations.

To promote a stable and efficient supply chain, we encourage the formation of cooperatives whose objectives are to provide seeds, technical support to farmers and the required harvesting equipment.

Business creation 

Upon reaching technological maturity of a production process along with a reasonable sales potential, the process of creating a subsidiary is initiated.

Newly formed companies are implemented close to the raw material supply for at least the first transformation and possibly for a secondary one.

Protec-Style facilities always remain at the pilot scale level.

Companies resulting from Protec-Style’s activities: 

Industries ENCORE 3 Inc.
Fibre Monark Inc.
ETIC Productions Inc.